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Capture high-quality aerial images safely

Benefits of a drone

More bang for your buck: Our drone fleet can go places a helicopter can’t, and are a much safer option at a fraction of the cost.

Professional quality: We efficiently produce high-quality images from a wide range of view points. All images are colour corrected and edited to look their best.

Precision control: The drones are controlled precisely from the ground, out to their maximum range of 500m away and 120m in the air.

Safety first: Our operators are experts and operate within the CAA guidelines to ensure safe and reliable aerial operations.

Agile: We don’t require a truckload of gear – we’re mobile, unobtrusive, and we can set up quickly.

Applications of aerial images

- Real Estate: Selling your home yourself on Trademe or through an agent, make the first impression count with amazing aerial images

- Marketing and promotional material for your business

- Events

- Visual inspections of hard to reach places

- Surveying and property development for individuals or business

- Construction progress

Each project is unique and may have specific requirements, please contact us for a comprehensive quote. We are open to negotiation for projects that are large, on-going, community-focused or collaborations.

About Aerial Vision

Aerial Vision was created by Glenn and Deb McLelland to produce unique, high-quality, photographic and video solutions. Aerial Vision’s home base is the beautiful Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

Glenn’s background as a professional photographer and IT technician, combined with a passion for invention and a creative streak, led him to adapt remote-controlled drones (RC helicopters) as flying camera platforms, making high-quality aerial photography and video attainable for a much broader range of businesses and individuals than previously.

The advantages of using drones over a traditional helicopter – aside from the massive difference in affordability - are that they are much safer, employ sustainable technology, are fast to set up, can hover and are more manoeuvrable, produce better quality images, and are less intrusive.

While the drones are an exciting innovation, Glenn and Deb haven’t forgotten their roots - they specialise in ground photography, too. It’s a stimulating, rewarding business to be in, and Glenn and “wingman” Deb (the organisational arm of the operation) love collaborating with others to make their vision a reality. Aerial Vision is all about being adaptable  – Glenn and Deb will collaborate with you to customise a solution to suit your requirements. This might include an exciting combination of aerial and ground-based imagery.

Aerial Vision’s comprehensive operations manual, detailing safety and operating procedures, follows industry and CAA best practice. Aerial Vision is fully insured against liability.

Give us a call today 022 060 9858.

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